Phantom of the Opera Musical Tickets 2020

As the most successful (based on revenue and number of performances) and the longest running show on Broadway, Phantom of the Opera is undoubtedly etched deep in the books of theatre history – it’s a show that continues to age beautifully.

Many American cities, especially big ones as New York and San Francisco got inspired with the story. It provoked a great desire of people to buy “Phantom of the Opera” Broadway tickets as not to miss out on the showtime. Don’t miss a chance to see this awesome musical, winner of 70 international awards including Tony Awards!

Where to Buy Phantom of the Opera Tickets?

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The price on “Phantom of the Opera” tickets varies according to the seat’s prestige. Premium one may cost up to $750 while an average is much more affordable costing for no more than $200.

US Tour 2020

The dates of the upcoming events have been already announced on the official musical’s website. “Phantom of the Opera” cast will visit many cities around the country (Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco etc.) and some places abroad.

Tickets for “Phantom of the Opera” on US tour are sold out right away when a new block goes on sale. People know in advance that the show is going to be a breath-taking sight! Tony Award winning musicals are famous for their tough acts to follow. “Phantom of the Opera” is definitely one of them.


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Why this musical is so awesome?

Produced by Cameron Mackintosh & the Really Useful Group, and directed by the legendary Harold Prince, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera is a must-see performance. It’s a riveting piece of theatre art that captures the very soul of entertainment. From the enormous set, 19th century costumes, the perfectly woven music, impeccable acting, to the gripping story of passion, innocence, and mystery, this is a musical that has it all.

“It is spectacular entertainment, visually the most impressive of the British musicals. Perhaps the most old-fashioned thing about it is it’s a love story, something Broadway has not seen for quite a while. To say the score is Lloyd Webber’s best is not saying a great deal. His music always has a synthetic, borrowed quality to it. – New York Daily News

The Phantom of the Opera follows the narrative of Gaston Leroux’s classic novel. It is the story of a man who makes the bowels of a Paris opera house his home in an attempt to hide his deformed face. His time in the shadows comes to an end when he hears the ‘angelic’ voice of Christine Daaé. The Phantom decides to dedicate his life to nurturing the singer’s talent. But as with all mystery love stories, he is consumed with passion and admiration for the girl. In the heat of the moment, the Phantom lets his guard down, showing Christine his lair and confessing his affection for her. She responds in kind even after seeing his face.

After Christine falls head over heels for Raoul, the bond between them remains unbroken. The Phantom’s obsession for the girl engulfs him as he begins to make demands and threat on behalf of Christine. The initially innocent storyline ends tragically in an unfortunate turn of events that leave the whereabouts of the Phantom unknown.

If you’ve not experienced the Phantom of the Opera, you better get a ticket! Actually, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve seen the performance, it’s worth watching over and over again. Take the advice of Frank Rich from the New York Times:

“It may be possible to have a terrible time at The Phantom of the Opera, but you’ll have to work at it. Only a terminal prig would let the avalanche of pre-opening publicity poison his enjoyment of this show, which usually wants nothing more than to shower the audience with fantasy and fun, and which often succeeds, at any price.”

Common Questions

  • Where I can find official information about musical?
    Please visit official website to read latest announcements and news.
  • What’s the duration of the show?
    The show duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission.
  • Are there any age limits?
    The show is recommended for ages 10 and over. Kids under 5 years will not be admitted due to gruesome makeup, that can scare them. Parental guidance advised.

    Please be aware: children must have a ticket.
  • What is the average start time?
    Evening performances for the show begin at 7.00pm or 8:00pm from Monday to Saturday, with matinees at 2.00pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • What is the best way to get Phantom of the Opera tickets?
    You can get them in 6 ways:

    1. ► theatre box office;
    2. ► online purchase – Ticketmaster, Stubhub etc.;
    3. ► win a lottery;
    4. ► stand in the cancellation line;
    5. ► track the next block of tickets to buy in advance;
    6. ► wait for it to come to a city near you.
  • What are the different types of tickets issued?
    1. ► Regular tickets.
    2. ► General group tickets. 10+ people for Monday – Friday performances & Saturday matinees.
    3. ► School group tickets. 10+ people for Monday – Friday performances & Saturday matinees.
    4. ► Premium seats tickets are also available.
    5. ► Last minute tickets. When the show is sold-out, a very limited number of day-of-performance tickets may get released for sale (at the box office only) right before show time.
    6. ► Daily lottery tickets.
  • What are the ticket prices?
    The prices vary by seating location, city, performance date and time. Choose the most suitable ticket price basing on the amount of money you have. Be aware the price can be much higher on the secondary market due to very high demand.
  • How does the daily ticket lottery work?
    Choose the performance you would like to enter, fill online form and get a chance to win an opportunity to buy 2 tickets for only $28. More details can be founded at
  • How to attend the Phantom of the Opera musical?
    1. ► Buy your ticket on the one of the ticket resellers website or take a part in digital lottery.
    2. ► Save your receipt of purchase until the show.
    3. ► On the day of the show, you’ll need to bring to the theatre the e-mail receipt, official document, and the original credit or debit card.
    4. ► The box office will swipe your card and issue a seat location slip.
    5. ► Enter the auditorium and be steered to your seat.
    6. ► Enjoy the show!

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