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Phantom Of The Opera Cast Following the #MeToo Movement

Broadway's longest-running musical faces the heat in the wake of #MeToo Movement.It seemed inevitable, after all, the story is about an abusive, possessive and jealous masked man, with a romantic ... Read More


Ali Ewoldt’s take on ‘hanging her boots’ as Lead Role

Everything, good or bad, eventually comes to an end – and Broadway performers are not exempted from this universal rule. After playing the highly sought-after role of Christine Daaé in The Phantom of ... Read More


The Pride of West End: The Phantom of the Opera Reviewed

What is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera? A random person on the street would most likely tell you it’s a West End musical. Considering the fact that The Phantom of the Opera has been ... Read More


The Phantom of the Opera is coming back to Manila in Feb 2019

Get ready Philippines! The multi award-winning and arguably the most successful musical is returning to The Pearl of the Orient on February 20, 2019 – it was bound to happen anyway, judging from its ... Read More