Phantom Of The Opera Cast Following the #MeToo Movement

Broadway’s longest-running musical faces the heat in the wake of #MeToo Movement.

Phantom of the Opera metoo

It seemed inevitable, after all, the story is about an abusive, possessive and jealous masked man, with a romantic obsession for a beautiful young soprano despite her rejection to his advances.

The cast of this year’s adaptation has all come out to defend the alleged misogynistic 1800s story. The musical is back in Singapore after making its last entrance in 2013.

The stars of the show all encourage fans to watch what they have to offer with an open mind citing that their performances honor the show’s legacy, and is also an advocate for female empowerment.

“The Phantom is an amazing character and a person underneath the mask,” said Jonathan Roxmouth, the South-African stage actor who plays the Phantom.

“He became what he is as a safety check but inwardly he is a musical genius, and a scholar who is misunderstood,” he continued following the backlash that the character has lots of problems when putting #MeToo into consideration.

“The theater is an avenue to tell stories, stories about love and life. If we try to modernize it or look at it philosophically, it spoils the entire experience. It is not real life; it will never be.”

For Johnathan, the Phantom Of The Opera has been part of the family’s heritage, and he is delighted to star in the role again after his first portrayal seven years ago.

“Anytime I perform, I dedicate it to my Grandfather. He gave me the right training on how to conduct the cassette of the original London cast album. It is close to my heart, and I feel this connection anytime I am playing the role,” he said.

Meghan Picerno plays the role of Christine Daae, the Phantom’s obsession. She sees herself as a strong modern woman and an advocate of women empowerment.

“As a teenage girl in the 1800s, Christine doesn’t have the same privileges as we do now. She is young and vulnerable,” she said following the backlash from the #MeToo Movement.

“I put in my best to play her, but I can’t play Meghan Picerno, which would be untrue to the story, I can only be Christine Daae.”

She added, “In the story, Christine gave her power to men she loved. In my life as a woman, I have also given my power to men I cherished, but in the end, I became stronger and even better after it. That’s what we see with Christine.

“What makes her strong is that she takes back the power she gave away.”

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